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Tel:  0791-86569703 (Switchboard)



               2198(Business Center)

               0791-86569190 (Cooperative Department)

QQ:  2500247176 在線交談

Hotline:  400-0791-698

Fax:  0791-86569190

Mail: Development Department)

Address:  966 Road, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, No. five, the sun and the moon and bright building

Poatcode:  330029

Traffic:Take 5 road, 6 road, 209 Road, 231 Road (outer ring), 305 road to the Gaoxing North crossing station.

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Address: Building 199, jia-hai industrial park, west yao hu avenue, high-tech zone, nanchang city, jiangxi province, all rights reserved: jiangxi tongji design group co., LTD.,