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First, the advantages of cooperation

1, the company holds the national class a design, a consulting qualification certificate, currently has 7 grade a covering engineering consulting qualification, 3 B qualification, and through the ISO9001 quality management system certification . The company has won many excellent enterprise "honorary title of Jiangxi province;

2, the company has undertaken major engineering consulting and design task of the province and the city with the city of Nanchang Shengmi Bridge, Jiangkou Reservoir in Xinyu City, Gao'an City, Gao'an Avenue, Avenue large volume of high quality performance;

Since 3, the company was founded more than a decade, with "quality, efficient, win-win and development" business philosophy, with professional technical support and strong high-quality talent advantage, formed many years of successful experience in the operation mode.

Second, cooperation projects

Design: 1, municipal public utilities, roads, bridges, roads, landscape, architecture, planning and design of subway engineering;

2, consulting: municipal, road and construction industry project proposal, feasibility study report, the project application report, the fund application report, planning consultation, evaluation and consultation, bidding consultation etc.;

3, general contractor: municipal road and bridge engineering general contracting.

Third, cooperation

1, through the project cooperation;

2, through the regional market cooperation;

3, service outsourcing cooperation.

Fourth, contact

Contract object: team (including enterprises) or individuals

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Free hotline: 400-0791-698

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Contact person: Minister Du(18170921987、13870893206)

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