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Specializing in municipal bridges, roads and bridges, bridges, bridges, factories and scenic forest bridge design, construction monitoring, reinforcement design, consulting, research, taking into account the railway bridge and water conservancy. Including a variety of suspension bridge, cable-stayed bridge, arch bridge, rigid frame bridge, continuous beam, composite bridge, prefabricated bridge, large bridge, steel-concrete composite girder bridge.

Core technology:

Bridge scheme optimization, complex bridge structure analysis, design and key technology of large bridge of long span bridge construction monitoring, landscape design, space bridge main cable of large span suspension bridge design and key technology of long-span composite girder cable-stayed bridge design key technology, rotation construction design key technology, long-span bridge design key technology area space, the main arch span tied arch bridge design key technology, lift dams and footbridge design key technology, double bridge structure design, key technology of inclined pylon cable-stayed beam arch composite bridge design key technology, steel-concrete composite bridge design key technology .

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