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2015 capital dream trip
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As the company grows, after the completion of the restructuring of joint-stock companies for company employees have been hard work, the company decided in the late autumn and early winter season, let everyone have a capital dream trip, experience the winter scenery in the north.

The tourism activities were divided into three batches, from Eleven month Six To start the day, all employees and their families in batches of capital to set foot on the journey, began a five day tour of Beijing.

In the capital city of Beijing, we visited the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, the memory of the glorious achievements of a great man; a tour of the Imperial Palace, the experience of the venerable royal majesty; climbed the Badaling Great Wall, watch the inside and outside the Great Wall in Confucian Temple and beautiful rivers and mountains of a country; the imperial Museum, visited Kong Zi as a saint......

In the five day tour of Beijing, we totally devoted to the capital of the Millennium culture dizzying, laughter along the way, one family warmth in harmony, enjoy more, and feel the warmth of the family from the company, determined to contribute their wisdom and strength for the development of the company's confidence and determination.

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