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In 2015, the parents of employees "Thanksgiving fund" warm service
Date:2016-01-28 Source: the Internet Editor: Administrator 瀏覽次數:2889

In October 12, 2015, Jiangxi Tongji design group has established 15 anniversary, to express gratitude, the company will be October 12th of each year as "a day of thanksgiving". In this special day, in order to better contribute to employees and their parents, the company for each employee to parents "Thanksgiving fund" served in this warm autumn.

"Thanksgiving fund distribution activities, aims to promote a thanksgiving culture, a culture of filial piety and a" home "thought. Through the activity, let the staff know the parents to filial heart road, with gratitude". At the same time, also hope that through such activities, to every family family Tongji an expression of gratitude, because, not behind the efforts of the staff and family support, Tongji could not develop so fast and robust.

Today, Tongji design has been successfully listed, hope that through the development of Tongji Tongji people Dongfeng, create more impressive achievements, and enterprises to share common development.

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