Tongji charity fund held the February 2014 student love ceremony
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Two thousand and fourteen year Two month Fifteen On the afternoon of Tongji Charity Foundation Two thousand and fourteen year Two June love Student Design Co. Ltd. ceremony held in Jiangxi Tongji Engineering Foundation, all members of the recipient to apply for membership (as a member of children in the primary school and middle school and university students) and the leadership of the company participated in the charity ceremony.

The ceremony began, the company chairman and chairman on behalf of the company spokesman, called on all members to promote "zunlaoaiyou, filial piety life" for the purpose of improving the national spirit, morality, love and dedication, Tongji development charity, promote social harmony and development. I hope people will transfer in Tongji care and love to the next generation I can also teach them the truth and principles of life, hope that they will be able to success, love, parents and society.

In the student love ceremony, from primary school, middle school and university student representatives also expressed their speech, thank the elder care and love, and to start from around bit by bit, really practicing zunlaoaiyou, filial piety life "foundation, purpose, study hard, with the development of Tongji charity.

Tongji Charity Foundation will continue to carry out a series of love and charity, care staff and relatives of staff, team cohesion force, as the Tongji family, together with the development of society!

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